If you’re reading this article then the thought of hiring a personal trainer has crossed your mind at least once or twice. You may be asking, “do I really need one?” The answer is simple. If the question is asked, then the answer is yes. Follow your intuition.

You’ve already made the decision to make a change. Whether it’s health, fitness or physique related, the decision to make a change in your life is important enough for a call to action! The problem is that this change requires two things you may not have enough of at the moment, information and motivation.

The information component is actually the easy part. There are a thousand books on exercise, weight loss and bodybuilding out there if one were so inclined. I personally feel that we should have learned all we need to know about this stuff in grade school, as it appears to be kind of important to us now. Anyway, we’re here now and we have to move forward. So, getting the info about how to exercise and what to eat is readily available, but no matter how good the instructions are, they never seem to live up to the hands-on approach of an instructor, teacher or coach.

The motivation component simply cannot be replaced by anything other than a good personal trainer, and it includes both inspiration and accountability. The lack of proper motivation is really the main reason why most people fail to follow through on new and challenging endeavors in life, and body transformation is no exception.

It seems to be human nature that most of us will let ourselves down, but for some reason we will fight to the bitter end to impress someone else. We just don’t want to let our mentors down. The people we respect and care for hold us accountable. They keep us in line, and a good personal trainer will follow suit.

A great personal trainer will also inspire you! I know it sounds obvious, but we all have self doubt no matter how successful we are in other areas in life. When a trainer describes how they have the same exact challenges that you’re facing, and have overcome them, it’s much easier to hold on to the idea that it’s all possible. The universal law states “if someone else can do it, so can I.” It’s pretty powerful stuff, but we have to really see it in our personal trainer. They have to look the part and be the part through and through. We have to know that they’re human too and have all the same opportunities for success and failure. If they can do it, so can I.

As far as qualifications go, it’s very important to find an educated and experienced personal trainer. In an ideal world, your new trainer is a doctor of alternative medicine with a specialty in fitness. Keep on dreaming. Or if you must, seek out and hire this ultra-trainer if they exist! But seriously, you’re going to want to hire a personal trainer who more than looks the part. The more schooling, the better. The more experience (in years), the better. If I had to pick one over the other, I’d go with schooling. There are a lot of experienced athletes turned trainer with good genetics out there, but just because they get good results by beating up their own bodies does not mean they will necessarily be able to teach you how to lose weight in a safe manner. Your trainer should at least understand the basic principles of safe body mechanics and physiology.

Personal Trainer Certifications are always a good place to start, but beware. Some of the most respected certifications can be obtained from a weekend course ending with a multiple choice written test. It’s a decent way to prove basic knowledge, but far from proving skilled experience. If it’s at all possible, try to find a trainer that majored in exercise physiology at the college or university levels. It’s your safest and best bet.

Again, if you’re considering the idea of hiring a personal trainer, then it’s probably the right thing to do. The reasons for your success or failure always come down to cognition and emotion. What you know and how you feel. Choosing the right personal trainer can be just what you need to fill in the blanks and help propel you to greatness! Good luck with your choices and may you find the success you deserve!

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

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