Running shoes are far from dead!

I just recently purchased the Adidas Thrasher 2 Running Shoe as a quick substitute for my old pair and I was absolutely shocked at how incredible they are!


Adidas Thrasher 2I’ve always been an Adidas fan when it comes to running shoes because they’ve always felt ‘right’ for my feet. For some strange reason my honking size 11 1/2 flat-feet just seemed to fair better in an Adidas sneaker… that is until they apparently grew to a size 13!

So, according to Adidas, my feet grew in my mid to late 30’s and here we are trying on over sized running shoes. Anyhow, I’ve owned quite a few pairs in my day and I simply have never loved a pair as much as these new puppies.

From the second I had both shoes laced up and trotting around the store, I was in love. Again, I’m only writing this because I’ve simply never felt anywhere close to this kind of experience with a sneaker.


It feels like your floating on air!

From those first moments it felt as if these sneakers had been mine all along and had been thoroughly broken in. Yet they were brand new. And shiny.

The shiny part I didn’t care for much, but I thought that in general, they were fairly bad-ass looking. A nice sleek black base with off grey tones. It works.

However, their looks do nothing to help them earn such praise of being the best sneakers I’ve ever owned. It all comes down to how incredible they feel, both on the foot and on the ground.

When you walk on pavement or other hard surfaces they give off a soft ‘floaty’ feeling, and its just plain awesome. Not only that, but they’re super quiet too. Like silent quiet when you’re walking. Almost as quiet as say… a Ninja?!

So you think you’re a Ninja now?!

Perhaps they may be a good training shoe for the American Ninja challenge, but I can’t answer to that. All I know is that they’re the best gosh darn running shoes I’ve ever purchased, and they were fairly cheap to boot! They only set me back about $60. I can’t even imagine what $200 sneakers will feel like in this day and age!

Anyhow, I’ve tried and tested this sneaker and I obviously would recommend the same for anyone wanting a better ‘feeling’ and ‘performing’ shoe. Try a pair on and see for yourself. The Adidas Thrasher 2 Running Shoe has my vote for sure!

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions at all please do leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!





Adidas Thrasher 2 Running Shoe Review – The Best Sneakers I’ve Ever Owned

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