Gym class only goes so far.

Honestly, I attended some pretty good schools along the way growing up, but I have to admit that the Phys Ed was fairly lacking. When I really try to jog my memory, I think I received the best gym-class personal training in my first few years.

Gym Class Personal TrainerI remember the gym teacher showing us how to perform some basic stretches and warm-up exercises, but that’s about it. Most of the time we just competed with each other at some silly game. Of course running around was exercise, but I’m just not sure that it was a sufficient learning experience.

I was fortunate enough to be athletic and mostly interested in the games we were playing, so I had some fun. But that reality was probably not shared with everyone reading this.

Regardless of whether we loved or hated Phys Ed class, I don’t think any of us really came away from it with a good understanding of how our bodies worked. Am I wrong?

Unfortunately, most of us left the school system completely clueless about the proper nutrition and exercise needed to maintain our ideal and healthy bodies.


Enter the Trainer.

I was probably more curious than most about how the body worked, so I naturally began inquiring about it during high school. I had watched an infomercial on a popular piece of home gym equipment and thought that I knew it all. I did make some fairly good progress by following its principles, but I was far from my potential.

A friend of mine convinced me to try working out at the local power lifting gym. He told me that the gym owner and master strength coach could help me build some real strength. I was like, “what the hell are you talking about, I’m already as big and strong as I can be. I know what I’m doing!”

Fast forward about six months after working with one of the best personal trainers and coaches I’ve ever met… and my strength was tripled! I just got some real schooling, and I was immensely grateful for it.

Learning Weight Loss


Show me the money!

At that point I had learned some insanely valuable methods of getting results, but I was far from an expert. And that didn’t matter. I now had a basic plan that actually produced highly advanced results. And it all came from a few regular training sessions with a great personal trainer.

My personal physique development had just been jump started, and I would carry that knowledge with me forever.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have questions or comments please feel free to enter them below. Thanks for reading!

Jump Start Your Weight Loss With a Personal Trainer

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