AEON Bodycraft subscribes to the philosophy that truthful knowledge is timeless.

This knowledge has always been and will always be. Whenever we uncover a piece of this ageless wisdom, the “modern” world hails it as scientific fact. We can only hope that our perceptions are in tune with universal reality. Sometimes we miss the mark. Let’s not forget when the authoritative consensus was of a flat world we call Earth. At AEON Bodycraft we like to keep things simple. We’re not boastful or arrogant about the latest and greatest so called inventions of exercise and nutrition. Rather, we like to embrace the time-proven principles that have worked for aeons. Discovering these principles and revealing them to you is our purpose. Whenever one’s knowledge of a certain thing reaches the highest of levels, people eventually refer to it as an art-form or craft. After many years of practicing one’s craft, the artisan is usually bestowed with additional insight in the form of inspirational intuition. It’s the successful combination of both concrete science and higher wisdom that enables an artist’s ascent to mastery.

We believe that in an ideal world it is everyone’s responsibility to traverse their own path of self-awareness and enlightenment. Becoming aware of one’s own wellness shouldn’t be as odd as it sounds. Becoming conscious of one’s own health and fitness needs should be something taught from grade school onward. Becoming an artist of your own life and an empowered human being should be normal, and IS natural! Here at AEON Bodycraft we strive to facilitate this process for you. When it comes to natural physique optimization and the art of looking your best, AEON is your source.

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