Gentle Transitions

The Bridges to Fitness program is all about helping people ease into a place of fitness or healthy living. Have you or anyone you know ever mentioned how they ‘need’ to join a gym but feel anxious or scared at the thought of it? I know most of us have encountered these feelings at one time or another.

What usually happens at that point is we become so discouraged that we forget about our good intentions completely. Or better yet, we make an unconscious ‘pretend’ attempt at success by entertaining a sales person with a phone call, or even a visit to a health club, all the while looking for a reason not to join, and then finding it. The end result is usually zero progress.

We understand that people with a great need, need a great program of transition. That’s Bridges to Fitness.

Fight Fire with Fire?

We know that being overweight isn’t just a physical problem. It comes with emotional baggage too. Your thoughts and feelings may have been a leading cause of your weight gain, and so it’s very important to honor them when attempting to reverse the situation.

The sad fact is that entering a gym or health club environment can be far too traumatic for someone who has repressed certain negative thoughts and emotions for months or years. It’s usually far too jarring.

It’s almost like trying to fight fire with fire. We know it can work sometimes, but do you usually see your local fireman doing it? Probably not. You probably hear of more stories of fireman using the opposite element of water to douse a fire’s rage, yes?

Help is Here. Cool and Calm.

The Bridges to Fitness approach to transitioning clients into health and fitness is very gentle. We understand how difficult it can be to make bold changes in your lifestyle and we take great care with it.

With the use of our indoor/outdoor studio, outdoor obstacle course and in-home personal training we can adjust the setting to your needs. Comfort and privacy are of the utmost importance and you will always be progressing at your own pace.

We will do everything in our power to take the fear out of fitness. Period.

If this program feels right for you, please don’t hesitate to inquire about it via phone, text or email.

We’re here to help!

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