Fat Burning Nutrition

Meal PlanningAEON has designed its own proprietary Meal Planner not yet available for phones and tablets. If you’re wondering what you should eat and how much (exactly!) for fat burning, this App will tell you. It is simply amazing!

Your one time fee and monthly service charge will cover all supplied materials and one ‘half session’ per week to meet with your nutrition consultant to weigh in, measure body fat percentage and keep you on track. Desired foods, strategies for fat burning and weight loss goals will be discussed. You will get the support you need and be held accountable and encouraged to stick with your efforts towards progress!

We also offer in home services! We will enter your kitchen and shake things up for you and your family! Book your free consultation today!

$99 down (waived with purchase of any training package)
$65 for 1 month
$156 for 3 months ($52 per month)
$264 for 6 months ($44 per month)



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