Private One on One Personal Training

Private Personal TrainingIn the most traditional sense, private personal training provides the highest quality of attention to detail and the most value for your time. Simply put, its just you and your trainer using every possible resource to accomplish 100% of your fitness goals. Whether they are to lose weight, tone up, burn fat, gain strength, increase flexibility or learn how to become healthier, premium training offers your best chance at success.

If you feel your fitness needs require the instruction, motivation and accountability of private personal training then look no further. Premium personal training is available both at our indoor/outdoor studio and at your home as well. Please inquire about getting started with a free assessment, consultation and training session today!

1 session:      $80/session = $80
5 sessions:    $60/session = $300
10 sessions: $50/session = $500
20 sessions: $40/session = $800



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